Gel polish/2 week nails

Using an LED lamp to cure the gel polish. This treatment sees your natural nails last 2 weeks plus!

Mini treatments include cuticle work and polish application, the deluxe treatments and more advanced and include a more comprehensive range of steps.

Times are approximate and vary on clients own nails.

Mini mani/pedi

Gel polish Mini mani - 40 mins - £20

Gel polish Mini pedi - 40 mins - £20

Gel polish Mini mani and mini pedi - 1 hr 20 mins - £35

Deluxe Pedicures

Deluxe pedicure with foot soak - 60 mins - £28 (no polish)

 Deluxe pedicure with gel polish - 1 hrs and 20 mins - £30 (no foot soak)

Deluxe Manicures

Deluxe manicure  50 mins - £28 (no polish)

Deluxe manicure and gel polish - 1 hr - £30 (No hand soak)

Nail art

Nail art on fingers or toes - 15 mins - £5

Nail art on fingers and toes - 35 mins - £7.50

Removal of my Gel polish

For anyone coming to me with gel polish from a different Salon an extra £5 charge will apply due to me not knowing what has been applied to the nails.

Removal of gel polish - 45 mins - £15

Removal with hand mask and hand massage - 1 hr - £30

Removal and reapplication - 1 hr 30 mins - £20

Gel Polish Nails in Birmingham

Facials in Birmingham

Signature Massage treatments

Signature massage means a massage experience that is unique to Soul of Heart UK.

Experience a massage that takes you on a journey, an escape from reality.

Full body massage

Sooth tired aching bodies, the more relaxation you need the more time I would recommend. Most popular is 90 mins.

 60 mins - £32

90 mins - £44

120 mins - £60

Back, neck and shoulder - 30 mins - £18/45 mins - £28 - 1 hr - £32

Signature Indian head massage

Soul of Heart UK's Signature Indian head massage is a unique head massage. Clients describe it as being transported to another dimension. Experience this unique experience, only at Soul of Heart UK.

Indian head massage

Choose from traditional IHM in which the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and head is massaged.

If you would prefer the treatment to be focused on hair growth then opt for this treatment where I massage a blend of growth stimulating oils into the hair and scalp.

Indian head massage - 30 mins - £18/45 mins - £28

1 hour - £32

Indian head massage for hair growth - 35 mins - £30

Face massage

These mini treatments are ideal for busy people who want an instant pick me up. Great for heachaches and/or eye ache.

Face and scalp massage - 15 mins -  £12

  Face or scalp massage - 10 mins -  £10

Hand and foot massage

Are your hands/arms and feet/legs worn in to the ground from work, being a parent or sports?

This treatment is ideal for you and if you make it part of your weekly routine, you will truly see the benefits in your everyday life.

Hand and lower arm massage -  30 mins - £20

Foot and lower leg massage - 30 mins - £20

Hand or foot massage - 10 mins £6 /20 mins - £15

Holistic pamper pacage

For a longer amount of time on selected treatment areas

Options - Pick 2 treatments for 30 mins each or 3 treatments for 20 mins each.

Foot massage

Hand massage

Foot and lower leg massage

Hand and lower arm massage

Indian head massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Mini facial ( Available only for 30 mins option)

1 hour - £32


Slough away dead skin cells and help your ingrown hairs. Ideal before holiday and 48 hours prior to hair removal.

Please bring bikini bottoms to avoid getting your underwear wet.

Exfoliating body scrub- 40 mins - £28

60 min Full body massage with body scrub- 90 mins -  £60

(Times of facials are approximate. It is advisable to attend your facial with minimal or no make-up. Please do not attend facial wearing heavy make-up, thank you)

Mini Facial 

You can still have relaxation and a pampering in half the time. (Does not include extractions)

Mini Tailored to you Facial - 35 mins -£20

Choose from 15 mins face massage or 10 mins face mask inc head massage with all relevant cleansing and toning.

Signature Luxury facial

Soul of Heart UK's Signature Luxury facial

The ultimate in Luxury and relaxation.

All Luxury facials come with hot towels a head and shoulder massage, an electrical face lift massage plus a choice of ten minute hand or foot massage at the end of treatment.

(Does NOT include extractions)

Full Face-lift facial - approx 1 hr 25 mins - £48

(includes Face lifting mask and electrical face-lift massage)

Gold Collagen/Retinol Anti-ageing facial - approx  1 hr 20 mins - £48

(includes Gold collagen or Retinol mask and electical face-lift massage)

Tailored to you Facial

All facials below include hot towels or a cool water steam. A head and a decollatage massage is included in this treatment.

A consultation is given before facial to recommend the best one that suits you.

Choose to upgrade with electrical face-lift massage and/or foot/hand massage.

(Does NOT include extractions)

Add ons to Tailored to you facials below

Electrical face-lift massage - 15 mins - £8

Hands or feet massage - 10 mins - £6

Anti-ageing Collagen eye pads - £3


Hydrating facial- approx 1 hr 10 mins -  £32

This facial is great for thirsty skin that is dry or dehydrated


Re-balancing facial- approx 1 hr 10 mins 1hr - £32

Using special products to rebalance combination skin 

Calming facial - approx 1hr 10 mins - £32

Great for sensitive skin that suffers with redness

Deep cleansing Facial

For skin that truly needs a deep cleanse. Using a special mask to clear blackheads. (Does NOT include extractions)

Deep clean - approx 1hr 15 mins -  £36

Using hot towels steam and special mask to lift out blackheads

Soul of Heart UK Signature massage

 in Birmingham

Women's Treatments

For all relaxing treatments it is best that the client attends alone. This is to give the client the best relaxation possible.

I cannot carry out treatments with children on the premises as I only have a small treatment room and I cannot trust that your child will stay occupied for the full treatment time, which will lessen your relaxation and my ability to perform to my highest standard.


 I appreciate your co-operation.

Thank you.


Removal and reapplication of fingers and toes - up to 2 hrs - £35

CND Vinylux regular polish

If you love to get your nails done but don't want the soak off gel polish on both hands and feet, then this is the option for you.

With a range of colours from the CND Vinylux range you can jazz up your fingers and toes for up to 10 days (fingers) and 3 weeks (toes)


CND Vinylux mini manicure/pedicure - £20

CND Vinylux Deluxe mani (no hand soak) -£30

CND Vinylux Deluxe pedi (no foot soak) - £30